Patient Case Study

Structural integration and ongoing treatment

Patient Background

Susan has been a patient of Align Body Clinic for a number of years now, very much like a number of our patients we see on a regular basis.

She originally came across our clinic online. Before visiting us, she had been receiving chiropractic treatment elsewhere, but wasn’t receiving the desired results.

When Susan contacted us for her initial appointment she wasn’t sure what to expect from an osteopath and what could be the best course of treatment. She met first off with Sheena to have a discussion and complete analysis of her current symptoms and what Susan’s goals were.

Because we use our preliminary appointments to capture as much detail and get to know our patients this allowed us to diagnose Susan’s symptoms and produce a recommend treatment plan for her which she went on to proceed with at Align Body Clinic.

Our Treatment

One of the first treatments that we provided for Susan was structural integration. This involved a series of ten sessions with Jay. The aim of the structural integration treatment was to help her body stand in alignment with gravity which provided Susan with increased flexibility, higher levels of energy, reduction of pain and significantly improved posture.

Susan has continued to be treated by both Jay and Sheena since first visiting our clinic in 2015. We have provided her with a combination of sports massage and medical acupuncture when she has required it to help with muscle stiffness and pain free movement.

The regular maintenance method of treatment has also benefitted Susan as it has helped increase the longevity of the success from the initial structural integration.

Patient Feedback

It has been a pleasure to work with Susan for a number of years and see how our treatment has continued to benefit her.

Not only has Susan been thrilled with the treatment she receives but also the overall service we are able to provide. She can always make an appointment quickly and Sheena has been able to answer questions she has quickly over the phone or via email. We always want to be as approachable as possible with all of our patients and Susan values this because she knows we will make time to respond to her queries.

“I have seen both Sheena and Jay for treatment over a number of years. Their Structural Integration Treatment really worked for me.  They are both very welcoming, don’t bombard you with jargon and put you at ease very quickly. I really appreciate how available Sheena is, whether to arrange an appointment or some simple help via email or on the phone should I require it.” – Susan L.

Let us help you relieve pain, and rediscover your body’s potential

If like Susan you have received treatment from alternate practitioners but aren’t getting the results you want then get in touch with our team.

You can call on 01225 571084 or book an appointment online. Our £19 initial patient assessment is the ideal way to get to know our team and let us diagnose your symptoms.


Call us on 01225 571084 or book your appointment online. Don't forget we offer a new patient initial assessment for just £19 so you can get to know us with no obligation or risk. However if you are in severe pain and want to start treatment sooner, our new patient consultation at £60 will include your first treatment.

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