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Specialist injury clinic for all levels of runners

Are you in pain when you run, or for days afterwards?  Perhaps an injury has stopped you running altogether or stopped you competing at the level you once did.  At Align Body Clinic we understand that all injured runners have the same goal – to get back to running!

To help get you back on the road our expert osteopath Jay Ruddock offers specialist running injury treatment appointments.

At your initial consultation you will get;

  • A detailed history of your symptoms
  • A detailed analysis of your current training programme and it’s relevance to your injury
  • A full biomechanical assessment specific to runners including strength and endurance testing of major muscle groups used for running.
  • An explanation of what is causing the injury and how to resolve it.
  • A treatment programme tailored to your specific goal.
  • Hands-on treatment to help relieve symptoms on the day.
  • Carefully prescribed strength and flexibility exercises to reduce your symptoms and improve performance.
  • Advice and guidance on how to safely return to running while you recover.

Once we have produced a plan on how to help you achieve your goals then we schedule treatments at agreed intervals to help ensure that you are meeting your running targets.


Patients come to our running injury clinic for all sorts of reasons ranging from a one-off injury, to persistent pain, or advice to prevent such running injuries. However, some of the most common problems we see are:

  • Shin Splints
  • Pain or injury in the foot, heel, ankle, calf, knee or hip.
  • Runners knee recovery
  • Iliotibial band syndrome
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Muscle strains
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome

To find out more about types of running injuries, take a look at our guide to running injuries.


At Align our focus in on providing expert, up to date care to help you relieve pain and achieve the most active life possible.  Here are just a few of the ways we do this;

  • we support your recovery, tailoring your treatment to your goals and a pace that works for you
  • we combine exercise and hands on treatment giving you control over your recovery
  • we have a running injury specialist as part of our team of qualified osteopaths
  • our treatment is clinically based, practical and delivers tangible results
  • we are continually researching new methods of treatment and where appropriate adapting our practices
  • we have a suite of exercise resources and advice sheets which you can easily download and use from home.

Jay Ruddock is our running injury expert osteopath.  He has been helping people get rid of injury and back on the road whether they want to run for exercise or they want to push the limits of their endurance in long distance challenges.

His experience is that nearly everyone can achieve their running goals as long as they have the correct advice and training plan in place, and that addressing  areas that could be improved in people’s running style, their muscular strength and endurance, and their training habits can result in dramatically improved performance.

Jay is a keen runner himself and has developed his treatments as a result of solving his own running injury problems, leading him to complete events including several mountain marathons, off road ultra-marathons, and the inaugural 50 mile Ultra Trail Wales.

Still not sure? Don’t take our word for it, read some of the feedback from patients about how we have made a difference to their lives here. We have also created a range of symptom guides if you are suffering from running injuries, back pain, leg pain and more. Read our guides to help discover your first steps towards getting help.

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“I went to see Jay to get help with persistent knee pain. The assessment and treatment were superb and after four sessions (and a lot of homework exercises!) I’m running pain-free again, and have gone on to run ultras of 50 and 100 milesHighly recommended.” James Rutherford, Bath

Jay completing Ultra Trail Wales


Call us on 01225 571084 or book your appointment online for our running clinic.

Feedback from our Patients

“After hurting my hip during a hike two years ago, Jay’s significantly reduced the pain and I feel I now have a chance of getting back to normal and walking pain-free for the first time in ages – thanks Jay, I’m definitely glad I came along to the Clinic!”

Sophie J from Bath

“Have found the treatment really helped. After a couple of sessions, I had no lower back pain. Jay has a very kind and calm manner and I feel is very good at making you feel at ease.”

Becky Clay from Bath

“Yes!! I had an acute injury from golf which Jay sorted immediately. Highly recommended”

Johnny Grace from Bath

“I have seen various Osteopaths over the last few years, with little success. Since being referred to Jay by my PT, my long-standing back condition has dramatically improved and now allows me to enjoy a virtually pain-free existence and a far superior quality of life than before.”

Alan Smith from Bath

“Jay was recommended to me. Immediate improvement in back pain and mobility after the first treatment. Even better after the second treatment. Good to have a programme to follow at home between appointments.”

Ann Kronenberg from Salisbury

“I had been having treatment on my shoulder by a different commercial practice previously and it had left me in more pain than when I started, probably because of their ‘one size fits all’ solution-based approach. As such, I was a bit nervous going somewhere else and having more treatment, but after a friend highly recommended Jay I went for a consultation. I was put completely at ease and after the first session, it was evident I had made the right choice. Jay asked lots of questions, talked through the problem and what he would do and why. It was clear that he knew what he was doing! I then had maybe 10 or so sessions and given ‘homework’ exercise to do between sessions and my shoulder is back to normal again now. A massive thank you! :)”

Emma Towse from Bristol

“I have had arthritis in my knees for some time, after treatment with Jay over several weeks I am now walking pain-free without a stick at a normal pace, not bad for a 72-year-old. I cannot recommend Jay too highly.”

A B from Bathford

“Better than I ever thought it could be! Such great progress over a short period of time and I couldn’t be happier with all the work Jay has done to improve my long term…”

Matthew Warman from Bath

“Over 15 years Jay has sorted out a variety of sports injuries and the aftermath of broken bones! I doubt if I would still be caving, running and mountain walking at age 64 if it wasn’t for Jay’s amazing care. Totally brilliant!”

David Lossi from High Littleton

“100 % difference I can go through a day with no pain and I can play sport again, Jay is a man with magic hands!”

Gavin Savage from Southwick

“The treatment was extremely helpful, Jay gave me exercises that I was able to work on at home and are simple to continue with regularly.”

Elizabeth Passingham from Bath

“I was having problems with a rugby injury and struggled to get much movement in my lower back. Jay was able to diagnose potential causes and increase my movement range. the improvement after the first session was huge and in each session since it has continued to improve.”

Laura Mahoney from Bath

“I was starting to suffer from lower back pain and wanted to get on top of it before it prevented me from working. Seeing Jay was the perfect option – he was knowledgable, thorough and great value for money. The exercises to do at home were easy to understand and have cleared my back pain up a treat. I would definitely recommend going to see him.”

Charlotte Bloom from Bath

“I was suffering from pain in my neck, but after a couple of sessions with Jay the pain has gone, I wished I had gone months before when it first started instead of suffering.”

Lin Levan from Bristol

“Within just a few treatments my levels of neck and upper back pain greatly dissipated allowing me to sleep and function normally again. Jay Ruddock is highly professional and personable with it. I cannot endorse his skills more highly.”

Peter Higgins from Bath

“Jay is a results-oriented Osteopath who I highly recommend. Whether using his skills for myself or my clients, I can be sure Jay will deliver a significant improvement or complete resolution of an issue or multiple issues. Few Osteopaths in the south-west can deliver, Jay Ruddock does.”

M C from Bath

“Having been told 10 years ago by shoulder “experts” that nothing could be done to relieve the constant pain I almost gave up on it…one diagnosis and a few treatment sessions with Jay and the pain I’d live with for so long was gone.

Outstanding service, great people and really flexible to my silly work hours, I’ve already recommended ABC to lots of people and intend to refer many more”

George Lewis from Bath

“I have been suffering from muscle aches and spasms for about two years now. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid last year and it appears the two problems are related. It has basically been constant pain during that period and I have seen roughly 20-25 specialists from doctors to masseuses. Jay actually understands the issue and has an effective approach to helping to relieve some of the trigger points. His work has moved the pain from a 9 down to a 2 or 3. It has been outstanding and I highly recommend him to anyone with similar problems.”

Caroline Lucas from Bath

“Fantastic, deep, subtle, effective treatment, Jay always gets straight to the relevant areas. Have had sessions many years ago as well as recently, and am delighted how long the benefits lasted. Highly recommend.”

Sophie Carrdus from Bradford on Avon

“On retirement, I treated myself to Body Alignment sessions to clear some long-standing problems I had with my body – from accidents, work, age etc. I could not be more pleased with the results of Jay’s efforts. I have climbed mountains, taken up sailing and can say I feel better in my body since retirement than for many years before. Many thanks for the exercises, my knee is no longer troublesome. When I reach the top of a hill with no difficulty, I try to remember to thank my lucky stars I made the investment in my future and booked that first appointment. Thank you.”


“Having suffered acute back pain for over six months and having had treatment previously, Align Body Clinic was suggested to me. Since going to see them and having had approximately 6 treatments, supplemented by an advised stretching regime, I feel almost back to normal. The treatment and consultation advice has provided me with the knowledge that will help me move forward and avoid a reoccurrence. I would have no trouble in recommending Align Body Clinic and would like to thank Jay for getting me back onto the road to recovery – and the badminton court!”

Jonathan Mardon from Bath

“Before seeing Jay I was having “regular” back problems, however, his excellent diagnosis and effective treatment has helped me tremendously”

Chris Dance from Bath

“I wish I had contacted Jay sooner with my persistent bad neck. The treatments have made a massive difference to my daily life.”

Molly Keel from Bath

“I’ve had back pain on and off for a while, as a professional athlete, it was putting a lot of strain on my career. I got in contact with Jay after a few failed visits at the physio. I’m now back on the road to full-time training thanks to Jay!”

Jessica Lloyd from Bath

“Jay has enabled me to get back to cycling and running pain free. I didn’t think it could happen and it has, I’m so grateful! The treatments and exercises Jay has given mean that I’m now able to maintain my back and knee health with a treatment every few months.”

Heidi Rearden from Bath

“My son was having an ongoing problem with his shoulder that physio alone did not solve. Jay worked on it over a number of weeks and he is now back to full strength playing rugby.”


“Yes, I’ve been suffering from a “bad back” for years. Jay has been fantastic in terms of diagnosing my problem, providing a regime to keep my back “under control”, and when the inevitable happens due to my chronic condition he has been amazing in terms of getting me back on my feet again.”

Chris Dance from Bath

“Jay put me back on my feet after a back injury that had worsened over eighteen months of other treatment. I couldn’t walk, sit or even lie down comfortably, Structural Integration (Rolf Method) was my last hope. Jay’s successful treatment outcome for this hypermobile, fibromyalgic, very unfit older woman was a miraculous feat. Thank you, Jay!”

HB Malvern from Bath

“I started seeing Jay after I was told to give up on my dream of competing in an IM70.3 this summer. Not only did he make sure I made it to the finish line – but that I crossed it smiling and in a surprisingly impressive time for my age group. My only complaint? I’m totally addicted to tri and already planning next season’s insanity!”

Georgie from Bath


We understand that your first visit to any health professional can be a bit daunting. What should you wear? What will happen? are just some of the questions we have answered to make you feel at ease.


At Align we offer a range of treatments to meet your needs. Find out more below.

Tailored soft tissue massage and stretching techniques to treat the stress, tension and fatigue from occupational, recreational or sporting activity.

A detailed osteopathic assessment, full diagnosis, tailored treatment and home exercise plans plus your first treatment for only £60.

Tailored and results focused osteopathy combining hands on treatment and home exercise to relieve pain and improve mobility.

A low cost, no risk assessment with one of our experienced osteopaths. Ideal for those who are not sure or looking for a second opinion.

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