Patient Guarantee

Since treatment results may vary due to a number of factors we cannot easily guarantee how you will respond to treatment, however we do guarantee;

  • You will be 100% happy with the quality of service you receive at our clinic
  • That we will put maximum effort into helping you reduce your symptoms
  • You will receive courteous and respectful care from practitioners and staff
  • That we will participate with you in the development of an individual treatment plan and for us to gain your consent on all decisions regarding your healthcare.
  • We will listen to concerns or questions you may have regarding your symptoms and will treat your case with the utmost discretion.
  • We will be punctual to within ten minutes of the arranged start time for all appointments.

If within your first two treatments you are not completely happy with your decision to begin treatment at our Bath clinic then we will happily and courteously give you your money back.

Clinically Based Treatments Delivering Tangible Results

We offer a range of, cost effective, treatments to aid your recovery. Find out more about what our practioners can provide.

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