New Patient Consultation

Assessment, diagnosis and first treatment for £72

Are you in pain and want to get started on your treatment right away?  If so then we would recommend a new patient osteopathy consultation.

Completed in our osteopathy clinic in Bath by one of our trusted expert osteopaths you can not only get a diagnosis and treatment plan but begin your journey to recovery.

For just £72 you will receive;

  • a full investigation and assessment of your symptoms taking into account a full history of your complaint
  • a diagnosis of your symptoms
  • an explanation of how long it will take to fix the problem and relieve your pain
  • a treatment plan tailored to your goals
  • a full osteopathic treatment on the day of your consultation so you start to get relief immediately
  • carefully prescribed and tailored exercises for you to do at home to support your recovery
  • advice and guidance on how to prevent your symptoms recurring


At Align our focus in on providing expert, up to date care to you to help relieve your pain and achieve the most active life possible.  Here are just a few of the ways we do this;

  • we support your recovery, tailoring your treatment to your goals and a pace that works for you
  • we combine exercise and hands on treatment giving you control over your recovery
  • our team of friendly, experienced osteopaths are available when you need us
  • our treatment is clinically based, practical and delivers tangible results
  • we are continually researching new methods of treatment and where appropriate adapting our practices
  • we can provide treatment quickly and offer an easy online booking system so you can arrange the help you need when it suits you

Still unsure?  Don’t take our word for it, read some of the feedback from patients about how we have made a difference to their lives here.

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Book an assessment, diagnosis and first treatment for £72 by using our easy online booking system or by calling 01225 571084.

“I was starting to suffer with lower back pain and wanted to get on top of it before it prevented me from working. Seeing Jay was the perfect option – he was knowledgable, thorough and great value for money. The exercises to do at home were easy to understand and have cleared my back pain up a treat. I would definitely recommend going to see him.”


Call us on 01225 571084 or book your new patient consultation online.

Feedback from our Patients

“Sheena has been working on my aches and pains for 3 years now. I have Parkinson’s disease and her work enables me to move more freely, improves my mobility and in turn, helps me to cope with living with Parkinson’s. She is always friendly and dedicated to helping me. I can thoroughly recommend her”

J C from Bath

“I wish I’d found Sheena years ago! Despite a long history of back problems, I’m feeling so much better after just one session. Friendly and professional, she put me instantly at ease, and took the time to understand my history and explain each step of the treatment. Would definitely recommend!”

Vicky Lee from Bath

“I saw Sheena today for pregnancy related SPD, she has helped so much after just one session, I would highly recommend her to everyone!”

Renee Clinch from Keynsham

“Sheena made a huge difference to my pain after just one visit. She also used acupuncture at the same visit at no extra cost which was helpful for my symptoms.”

Lisa Slater from Bath

“Sheena has been paramount in fixing all manner of ailments. Having regular maintenance treatments instead of waiting for a problem to arise, has kept me in tip-top condition and generally feeling in great health, physically and mentally. I would highly recommend Sheena and have even travelled 200 miles on occasions specifically for a treatment!”

M M from Bath

“Sheena has made such a difference to my long term aches and pains, and also shorter terms issues from too much DIY! She always takes the time to listen and try and pinpoint the reason or cause, and treat accordingly. I’ve also had acupuncture, which I was sceptical about, but it really worked and had great results. I am very pleased with the professional and caring approach and would not hesitate to recommend Sheena to others.”

Amanda Watts from Bath

“Sheena has been treating my chronic lower back, after every session my pain is reduced, my stiffness is decreased, and as a result, my overall mood and happiness is significantly improved. I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring treatment”

E S from Bath


We understand that your first visit to any health professional can be a bit daunting. What should you wear? What will happen? are just some of the questions we have answered to make you feel at ease.

Treatments Available at our Clinic

At Align we offer a range of treatments to meet your needs. Find out more below.

Tailored soft tissue massage and stretching techniques to treat the stress, tension and fatigue from occupational, recreational or sporting activity.

A series of treatments to improve the body's relationship with gravity by direct manipulation of collagen fibre or 'fascia'.

A modern, researched based approach based on ancient techniques to provide pain relief either in isolation or alongside osteopathy treatment.

Tailored and results focused osteopathy combining hands on treatment and home exercise to relieve pain and improve mobility.

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