Patient Case Study

Helping with the aches and pains of ageing

Patient Background

Fiona came to us after using a different clinic for treatment as she wasn’t happy with the level of service, she was receiving from them. She was seeking a new clinic that was more personable and bespoke in their approach so the transition between treatment, aftercare and any further follow-ups were seamless, and her journey would always be picked up from where it was last left.

During Fiona’s first visit, she explained to us that she was experiencing the general aches and pains that come with ageing and she was seeking treatment on an occasional basis to help her along the way as and when she needed it.

Our Treatment

Fiona sees us for an array of services whenever she needs clinical based treatment to support pain-free movement. As well as treatments, Fiona utilises the advice we supply for at-home exercises so she can continue her journey to improved mobility in the comfort of her home.

Patient Feedback

Fiona now visits us as and when she feels it’s necessary to support movement in her body and rid of any aches she may be feeling. Using three words, Fiona described us as “practical, predictable and professional” which we are thrilled to hear from someone else who is also on the disciplinary panel like Jay. We love to have a catch-up and a chat about this during our sessions!

Fiona has also kindly supplied us with the testimonial below:

“As a health care professional, being treated by someone that shares the same ethical standards and professionalism as myself is important. From the moment I booked the first appointment the experience I have had has been excellent. The combination of hands on treatment and exercise works well for me and the fact that Jay has tailored my treatment to my abilities. I would definitely recommend them to someone who needed their help.” Fiona B.

Results focused treatments at a pace that works for you

Treatment at our clinic in Bath isn’t just for injuries and the majority of our clients are self-referred. If you’re experiencing the general aches and pains that come with getting older, we’d love to see you and find out ways we can help.

It’s a common misconception that pain-free movement requires multiple pricey sessions, but this isn’t true. At Align Body Clinic, our health care professionals can work alongside you, your budget and your goals to tailor an approach that works with everyone.

If you’re interested in finding out more, take a look around our website, book a consultation online for just £19 or give us a call on 01225 571084.


Call us on 01225 571084 or book your appointment online. Don't forget we offer a new patient initial assessment for just £19 so you can get to know us with no obligation or risk. However if you are in severe pain and want to start treatment sooner, our new patient consultation at £60 will include your first treatment.

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